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K-5 Technology Curriculum: Empower Students & Support Learning

November 2
3:40 PM - 4:30 PM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

Teachers and administrators regularly review curriculum and textbooks for teaching reading, math, science and social studies. What about technology curriculum? Is there such a source?
What do you teach at each grade level in an elementary technology class? What are ways to use technology to support learning? Are there technology standards to guide curriculum?

Join me as I share my passion for teaching technology, technology curriculum and resources for grades K-5. We will dig into grade level skills as well as technology topics that are necessary for all levels. And, don’t forget there will be a multitude of free and/or inexpensive materials to add to your curriculum collection!

Pat Headen
Pat Headen
Technology/Library Teacher, Eagle Ridge School

Pat is an experienced classroom, technology and library teacher. Currently she teaches grade K-5 technology classes. She has her Master's degree in Educational Technology from the University of Illinois. Her energy and passion for empowering students through technology is obvious. Her classroom experience has influenced her desire to support classroom learning through the technology classes she teaches. Pat loves to collaborate and exchange ideas. Her contact info is: Twitter handle: @pattyjo. Email: pat.headen@gmail.com