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Fun with Formative Feedback: Using Digital Tools to Enhance Student Growth

November 3
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Instructional Coaches, Teachers

One of the most powerful moves in teaching and learning is giving, receiving and utilizing feedback to improve learning.

In this session, we will focus on the strong pedagogical strategies of giving feedback and how digital tools can enhance and develop feedback more for the student.

This session is important because with the increase in “autograde” and/or digital opportunities teachers will continue to grow their capabilities for feedback. Feedback and Formative Evaluation are among teaching practices with the highest impact. This serves student growth and using digital tools to their highest potential.

John Hattie: Visible Learning – Providing formative evaluation has an effect size of .90 (very high); Questioning .48 (high)l; and Metacognitive Strategies 0.69 (high)

These data points and Hattie’s metaanalysis show feedback as one of the most powerful influences on learning. Sharing strategies on how to implement and improve this in a digital world will create opportunities for teachers to enhance student growth.

Emily Pool
Emily Pool
Instructional Technology Coach, Learning Technology Center

Emily serves as an instructional technology coach who works to amplify and enrich lessons, trainings, and technology integration support in the Adams and Pike county region.