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Digital Safety For “Little’s”

November 3
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

By the age of eight, 90% of children have used a device to access the world wide web. Though the internet offers a fresh, fun, and fascinating way to connect with the world, it also exposes new risks. Recent studies suggest that 25% of online students pretended to be older in order to open an account on a gaming site, social media, or another forum. With the 2022 – 2023 school year, districts are required to provide developmentally appropriate data management and security learning opportunities. Mrs. Grady’s session will explore topics including user account and password protection, digital footprints and oversharing, social media, internet etiquette, and cyberbullying. Using videos, music, children’s books, games, STEM, and more, Mrs. Grady will share actual K-4 classroom lessons and resources to keep your “Little’s” safe online.

Lesley Grady
Lesley Grady
Technology Teacher, Central Elementary School/Central SD 104