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Create with iPad

November 3
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices

A 1:1 iPad rollout is a major investment. Being able to utilize free apps like this in a wide array of curricular areas makes the iPad function as a true companion to learning. The apps that will be shared in this session are apps that we do utilize in our district and I have had many teachers share their own and student work with me that has been produced on the iPad. It is amazing to see the creativity that is sparked with the use of an iPad!
These are apps that we utilize in our district with our 1:1 iPad program. All of these apps have different learning curves, but they have so many things that are similar with each other because they all run on iPadOS. Teachers and students know they can rely on apps like this for students to be able to pick up an ipad and use at anytime. Once students are given the basics of these apps, they are able to explore and build on their own personal learning. It makes the iPad a CREATION tool, not just a CONSUMPTION tool.

Tricia Louis
Tricia Louis
Technology Integration Professional, Richland School District

Tricia Louis is an #edtech advocate. In her position as the Technology Integration Professional at the Richland School District (Richland Center, WI), she brings individual & group training to the 200+ faculty & staff employed there. Tricia is proud to be a part of the Google For Education Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher, and Microsoft In Education Expert programs. Tricia shares her passion for #edtech at conferences and EdCamps at the local, regional, and national levels. In her personal life, Tricia is a musician (playing a multitude of instruments) and she also enjoys travel and photography as her hobbies.