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Converting Desktops and Laptops to Chrome OS

November 3
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Technology Infrastructure
Technology Leaders/Support

Why recycle old desktops and laptops when they can be turned into Chromebooks? Many districts have turned to Cloudready by Neverware to extend the life and use of older laptops and desktops. Bringing older machines into the Google Admin Console is a sure-fire plus and saving big bucks by not having to purchase new hardware is a no-brainer! It’s easy to install and maintain. And for those struggling to find additional Chromebooks for virtual learning, this is a great solution to this ongoing problem. With Neverware, EOL and AUE become mere myths.

Mike Brehm
Mike Brehm
Consultant, Brehm Technology Consulting

After retiring from public education in 2016, I continue to provide technology services to several entities throughout my immediate geographic area. I also have time to sharpen my golf skills!