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Coding Across the Curriculum with LEGO® Education

November 2
3:40 pm - 4:30 pm
Room: B11c
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Teachers, Technology Leaders/Support

Do you remember the joy you experienced as a child when you were building with LEGO bricks? That feeling of accomplishment you had when you sat back and realized your creation was finally perfect? That feeling of joy is just one of the 5 characteristics of learning through play that we will discuss in this hands-on learning workshop. Come join us for an interactive session demonstrating the power of hands-on learning through play in developing coding skills.

In this session, you will be the one getting hands-on as you explore what LEGO® Education has to offer for bringing computer science learning to life in the elementary classroom. Learn how to prepare your students to be future ready with the LEGO Education Learning System.

Dr. Colleen Cannon-Ruffo
Dr. Colleen Cannon-Ruffo
Solution Architect , LEGO Education