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Building Tomorrow’s Privacy Program Today

Thursday, January 19
9:00 am - 9:50 am
Room: Virtual
Cybersecurity, Data Privacy
Administrators, Teachers, Technology Leaders/Support

When the only thing in the world that’s certain is change, how do you build a solid foundation for your student data privacy program that will stand up over time?

Protecting student data privacy has always been a complex endeavor, but it’s even more challenging when the world forces you to shift your priorities. We’ll talk about privacy lessons surfaced during the pandemic and address foundational practices that help protect student data privacy in or out of a crisis.

Linnette Attai
Linnette Attai
President, PlayWell, LLC

Linnette Attai is Project Director for CoSN’s Privacy Initiative and Trusted Learning Environment Program. As founder of the global compliance consulting firm PlayWell, LLC, Linnette delivers strategic advice and training, policy development, and technology assessments, and builds cultures of compliance across a wide range of organizations. She also serves as virtual chief privacy officer and GDPR data protection officer to select clients. Linnette is a recognized expert in the youth and education sectors and speaks nationally on data privacy matters. She is a TEDx speaker, advisory board member for the Ithaca College Cybersecurity Program, and author of the books, “Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program,” “Protecting Student Data Privacy: Classroom Fundamentals” and “Student Data Privacy: Managing Vendor Relationships.”