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AP Computer Science Principles with Microsoft MakeCode


Update: Due to low interest, this track will no longer be offered as part of CS PD Week.

If you are still interested in learning to Microsoft MakeCode’s AP CS Principles curriculum, Microsoft is offering three multi-day professional learning workshops this June and July. Click here to learn more.

In this track, participants will learn about and practice strategies for implementing the “AP CS Principles with Microsoft MakeCode” curriculum. Participants will walk away with a wealth of resources they can immediately use to jump start a new high school level CS program or supplement an existing program with added rigor and real-world applications.

About the Course

The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP®) Computer Science Principles course is an introductory computer science course for high school students (typically 14-18 years old).

While academically rigorous, the AP Computer Science Principles course is designed to attract students of all backgrounds, experience levels, and interests, and covers a wide range of computing topics with a special focus on the impact of technology and computing on students’ lives. The course covers a full academic year, does not require any prerequisites( Algebra I is recommended), and an end-of-course exam may be taken to receive college credit.

About the Curriculum

The AP CS Principles with Microsoft MakeCode curriculum is free and uses web-based technology and tools that can be accessed across platforms and devices. The curriculum is also endorsed and approved by the College Board as aligning with the CS Principles curriculum framework and AP CS Principles exam.

Course Assignability:
Computer Programming – 10152A000
Exploring Computer Science – 10012A000

More Information the Course and Curriculum

Track Details

Dates: July 17-21, 2023 (Full Day)
Audience:  9-12 teachers
Price: $400

Facilitated by Microsoft.