New Teacher Support

Jump Start New Teacher Program

Tech Training for New and Pre-Service Teachers

The Jump Start program empowers recent college graduates and preservice teachers to fully integrate technology into their daily lessons and harness edtech’s full potential from day one. With a curriculum built around practical pedagogy and best practices for technology selection, participants are equipped with the resources and professional connections needed to thrive in their new role.

This new program is open to both individuals and groups. Recent teacher training graduates are welcome to join and improve their marketable skillset, while districts can register a cohort of new hires and ensure they’re all on the same page when it comes to edtech integration.

After two in-person sessions and up to four follow-ups throughout the year, all participants will walk away with the skills and support needed to land on their feet at the front of the classroom and launch a tech-savvy teaching career.

Registration for Summer 2022 is closed.

The LTC’s Jump Start New Teacher Program

Through a custom-made curriculum designed with new educators in mind, our team provides support and guidance to first year and pre-service teachers, setting them up for a successful career shaped by robust and effective edtech integration.

Start with the Essentials

Build a strong foundation of understanding by learning the basics of successful tech integration, including: SAMR model Blended and flipped learning ISTE standards Social-emotional learning (SEL) Digital citizenship How to curate resources Harnessing data in your classroom

Choose the Right Tools

Participants will engage with best practices for technology selection and grow their ability to interact with students virtually, including through popular classroom management systems (CMS) like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Participants will also have the chance to get hands-on while creating digital lesson plans, as well as learning innovative methods for assessing student performance online.

Network and Learn

Participants will discover resources for digital organization that will make their job easier and transform them into a more effective and hireable educator. Along the way, they’ll also meet and collaborate with other first year educators from around the state, effectively planting the seeds of a vibrant, career-long personal learning network.

Built-in Ongoing Support

Participants will also have the chance to implement what they’ve learned during the course of the program, which consists of two in-person sessions during the summer and four virtual sessions during the following months. During these sessions, participants will be encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences, allowing them overcome challenges that would typically slow down their fellow new teachers.

Brian Bates
Brian Bates
Director of Professional Learning, Learning Technology Center

Brian leads and develops events, programs, and resources in support of digital learning, digital citizenship, emerging technologies, technology integration, and computer science.