The Basics of 3D Printing (Infographic)

What does it take to bring 3D printing to your classroom? This infographic will show you where to start, beginning with 3D printing process basics, workspace strategies, and example curriculum integration activities.

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3D Printing Resources

Technology Integration is fundamental for an effective digital learning experience, here’s an Infographic with 8 digital skills every teacher needs to know along side with the best programs to support them!

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Our Creative Coding feature, in partnership with Vidcode, takes a project-based approach to the teaching of coding.

It gives students a way to show what they know about a given topic – regardless of curriculum area – by coding their own projects using BrainPOP assets. We introduced the feature with four project types – Meme, Stop Motion Animation, Doodle Augmented Reality, and Newscast – with more to follow. Creative Coding was designed so that students and teachers of all subjects, even with little or no coding experience, can jump right into a scaffolded project.

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