The Flipped Classroom

02 Jun 2022

Did you create A LOT of digital content during remote/hybrid learning? If so, then you are ready to flip your classroom! It’s the next logical step in your technology integration. The time is now! Join us for some EdTech inspiration and motivation as we discuss getting past the barriers to flipping your curriculum. The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model where the traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed. Pre-recorded digital content is viewed before class. In-class time is repurposed so students can inquire about lecture content, apply their knowledge, and participate in hands-on activities. By reversing the traditional lecture and homework elements and integrating engaged-learning activities, educators can transition their class from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered environment. Making this transition will completely change the dynamics of the classroom and revolutionize your curriculum. Come discover the possibilities offered by the flipped classroom model as we explore the technology that will make implementation in your classroom a breeze.