Google Educator Level 1 Certification

02 Jun 2022

The Level 1 Certification workshop will prepare participants to take the Google Educator Level 1 certification exam. Level 1 certification indicates a fundamental understanding of using Google Tools in the classroom and confirms standard technology implementation skills. This workshop is designed for teachers that have a solid base of implementing the Google tools in their classroom and is not designed as an introduction to the Google tools. Educators who pass the certification test will be able to advertise their status with a personalized certificate and badge. Certification lasts 36 months. Participants should bring a Chromebook or laptop to the workshop. Participants in this workshop will learn about:

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Utilizing Google Drive with efficiency
  • Creating, sharing and collaborating with Google Docs
  • Creating, Formatting, and Analyzing Data with Google Sheets
  • Developing adn using Google Forms for Quizzes and Data Collection
  • Design and Edit Google Slides
  • Set up and Operate Google Classroom
  • Personalize your Gmail account
  • Leveraging Google Chat & Meet
  • Manage your Google Calendar, Tasks, and Google Keep
  • Create a Google Site
  • Develop YouTube Channels and Playlists